Textures: Part 2

You can find the original here.

I LOVE TEXTURES!!! They make me want to buy huge canvases! I love the rustic feel this texture gives. Whitney rocked out this photo shoot and she is smokin' hott in this photo!!!


Ceci said...

oooh... I like that! I love hanging out with you and seeing all the cool stuff you can do with pictures, you are not only great at taking them, but you can transform them into an amazing piece of art! Just love it!
It's almost time for another Vaughn session, he is almost 1... but I think I'll go get his hair cut before we do that... what do you think? would you be up for it?? ; )

racheljenae said...

very nice! Hey great time yesterday! i love hearing all your doing and want to do! need to get me a 50 fix and play too :) Sean and Laura were sooo blessed for us to take their pics... and I think it would be great to find someone like them every time we shoot... who needs pics, but can't afford them...so keep your ears open!