Playing with Textures

When I realized I had not changed my profile picture since I started this blog, I asked Beto to take some new pictures of me. There is this old railroad bridge I had been wanting to check out for some time - and we finally went!!! It was a blast just the two of us! It was such an eye opening experience for me, because I finally had the chance to be the other side of the lens. Ever since that afternoon my approach to directing my clients has changed. The candid idea is great -- but there has to be some directing involved. Without it you feel awkward and uncomfortable.... direction is a good thing!

This is my favorite image Beto captured that day! I will post the rest later this week. The first image is my original post processed image - the second is a little experiment with textures. It isn't a dramatic difference, but I think it adds some character. If I was interested in having a huge picture of my face on my wall - it think it would make a sweet canvas!

What do you think???


Whitney: Anytime

Whitney - I hope you love these pics as much as I do!!! You are a great model! Thanks for coming last minute to catch the sun before it set. It was a fun and interesting adventure. We will have to do it again soon! Love ya!!!


Check Out Our Piano!!!!!!!!!

Today is Beto's day off and on his list of To Do's was to bring home a piano.

As you can see Mission: ABORTED!

Beto is the kind of musician I envy -- with little or no training he can pick up an instrument and feel his way through the keys/strings to play or write a beautiful song. When I first met him he was taking a semester of piano lessons. Just a few classes to learn the basic cords and he was on his way. Having a piano in our home has ever since been a dream of his. Every time we go home to Michigan he sits and plays my mom's (horribly out of tune) piano wishing he had one of his own. When I was in elementary school I took about four years of piano lessons and have also loved this instrument. I think it would have been so fun for us to learn and play together.... but I guess that won't be happening quite yet!!!

At least we got a good laugh out of this one - hopefully we will get a piano all the way home one day!!!

PHOTO: Sent from Beto's iPhone.



Tonight I got to hang out with Whitney for a bit.
We drove down the street from her house heading toward a field to catch some warm, yummy light before sunset!
Less than a block away we happened upon this old barn.
Forget the field - it can wait!
This abandoned barn was calling our name and we just had to hop the fence!!!
Here is a sneak-peek at today's find - enjoy!


Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We sure did!! On Saturday we spent the afternoon with some friends - the Fishers - for fajitas and an Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day in Texas - 70s and sunny. I got sun burnt while sitting by the pool!

Our Easter Sunday started out with serving a pancake breakfast for our church. My sister-in-law planned it, and it went really well for a sort of last minute thing. I think we started talking about it less than a month ago!

We then, of course, had our church service. For those of you that don't know - Beto is the worship leader at our church (I'd share the link, but our website is under construction). He even wore a suit and tie yesterday!!! I don't know what I was thinking - probably too busy, but we didn't take a single picture.

After church was finished we rushed home to get all the food I had made, changed into comfy clothes, and headed over to Aaron and Ceci's for lunch. We had a really nice dinner... ham, chicken, plenty of yummy sides, and a chocolate Pecan pie a la mode for dessert! We played cards for a while and finally went home around 5pm. A Long, but really fun day!

Our weekend was filled with a lot of running around with things to do....and we are TIRED. When the alarm went off at 6am this morning... neither of us wanted to get up! I think it will be early to bed tonight. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family!
(sorry for the lack of pictures in this post.)



Jeremy: Next Top Model

I know, I know soooo cheesy, but this shoot totally felt like America's Next Top Model *Men*!!! Jeremy = PRO! My job made easy. Working with a MODEL - Are You Kidding Me??? OMG!

Jeremy recently moved from 'Big D' to the 'Big Apple' to pursue his modeling career. On a weekend trip back home we squeezed in a shoot in Victory Park. It was so difficult to narrow down the shots to include - he looks amazing in ALL of them! Better watch out - this boy is gonna be famous!!!

Best of luck to you, Jeremy. Give me a shout out when you make it big!!!



Chris+Mandi are Getting Married!!!

What a fun Saturday with these two lovebirds!!! A couple of weekends ago Beto and I drove to Plano to meet up with Chris and Mandi for their engagement shoot. The day before north Texas experienced a short lived winter wonderland - up to six inches of snow in some places. The best part was... it was gone by noon! "Winter Blast" one night and 70 by noon the next day... well, I'm not sure it was that warm... but still... CRAZY!!! Anyway - in Plano it must have stayed just cold enough because snow was still lining the streets in places. We were chilly to say the least. Mandi was a trooper out there in her RED DRESS! By the end of the shoot my fingers were numb and we were all ready to head inside. We managed to get some great shots inside the Angelica theater.

Chris & Mandi - thanks for braving the chilly weather, we had a blast!!! Congrats on your engagement and we wish you many years of happiness!

two months later....

Haha - OMG I have been so bad with this blog.
Mid-March resolution = blog more!
I have three photo posts that I will have up in the next day or two so make sure you come back and check them out!

So... what have I been up to in 2008?
Work, work, and more work. I think I am still adjusting to this whole 40 hour work week + daily traffic stuff. I am so tired by the time I get home. Oh, speaking of home - Beto and I are finally decorating our house. It is starting to look so cute. I love it! We finally have photos, mirrors, and an uber cute clock on our walls! (note to self - blog cute house pics.) We are also super stoked about our trip to LA and SF in May!!! We are flying out for Sam and Veronica's wedding - my very first wedding (to photograph) and I can't wait! The weekend before their wedding we are headed up to San Francisco to visit some good friends and do a photo shoot there as well!

New name opinion poll: I am leaning toward changing the name of my business to Lindsey Joy. The name Lindsey J Moreno Photography was used initially for a class I took at DBU, but I really want something less traditional and a lot more relaxed and fresh. Any thoughts, suggestions, or marketing tips??? Leave a comment - I'm all ears!

Thanks for checking in and I promise there will be some photos as soon I get home to upload them!!!