The Ripleys

Last weekend Beto and I went down to Waxahachie with his cousin Heather and her husband David. We had lunch at our favorite little cafe down there - The Doves Nest! After lunch we braved the rain and 38 degree weather to get some shots for the Ripley's holiday card. We were frozen, but we had a blast!!! Thanks for a fun afternoon David and Heather!


The Cooley's

Last weekend Beto and I drove to North Dallas to do a session with his friend Matt from work. Beto and Matt have worked together at Guidestone for two and a half years. I was really excited to meet Matt's wife Kristi and their son Carson. What a sweet family! Matt and Kristi's love for Carson and sheer joy to be parents is evident in every photo! Thanks for letting us come up and hang out with you guys for the afternoon!



Last weekend I got to hang out with Laurene. She wanted to do a holiday session so we drove down to historic downtown Waxahachie. What a great place for a photo shoot! There are so many old buildings, cute doors, bold colors, and sweet looking brick walls. I will definitely be back! Thanks for a fun time Laurene! I hope you like your pics. :)


Breakfast anyone?

Yum! Anything with chocolate chips has to be good!
Beto loves to go out for breakfast. There is this little greasy spoon walking distance from our house that he particularly loves. We go most Saturdays, however, this week we slept in past 10 and decided to make chocolate chip pancakes! I would much rather stay at home and eat in my pajamas... especially when chocolate is on the menu! Happy Weekend!


New Job!!!

For those of you who do not already know... I got a new job!!! As of Monday the 26th I will be an employee with Korn/Ferry International! I loved going to school and waiting tables during that time, but I cannot wait to begin this new season of life. Today, when I got home from work I found these flowers and chocolates on my doorstep. As I went through the list of who they could be from... Beto, Mom & Dad, Grandma... I never imagined that they would be from Korn/Ferry! What a great surprise! Aren't these flowers stunning! I have never felt so welcomed by any job before. I am excited to jump in and work along with this amazing team! Thanks to everyone who has been praying that I would find the perfect job -- I am confident I did!

Click to view a larger version of each image.


Pretty Hailey

This weekend I shot these images of Hailey. What a sweetie! She was teething... and not too interested in having her pictures taken. It took 5 of us making all kinds of funny noises to get her to smile. She was happy when everything was over and she got to eat and sleep all the way home. I can't blame her, what a trooper! Michelle, thanks for coming all the way down here. You have a beautiful daughter!!!