Big Bear Lake

As soon as we unloaded our bags we went to check out the lake! It was beautiful and the sun felt so nice in the cool mountain air. These are just a few of the pictures we took during the reunion. Vaughn, my nephew, is four months old! This is his first vacation... I think we have captured just about every moment on camera. :) He is getting so big... he is talking (baby talk) all day and grabbing at his toes. What a little cutie!!!


Family Reunion

We are in LA this week celebrating Beto's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. Most of the family was able to come for the ceremony and family reunion. We went up to Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains for a 2-day retreat. It was so fun and relaxing... and the weather was wonderful! Here is a family photo with all the extended relatives included. The top picture is Beto's Abuelitos, of course. It is great to see two people still in love after all these years! Congratulations!!!


more birthday fun

So, yes, I did go to the fountains twice in one day... but hey, it was my day wasn't it? :) I love the fountains... in daylight and at night. It is a totally different experience to see it all lit up at night. It was dark and we didn't have tripod, so these pictures were taken from a table top while we were laughing (which is why they are blurry). We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone for a super fun birthday!!!


Little Package from London

My Moo minicards finally arrived!!! The first shipment was lost in the mail so they took over a month to get here, rather than just 2 weeks. I was so excited to find them in my mailbox today... it was well worth the wait. :) I think they make the cutest business cards ever! My Moo's are about half the size of normal business cards, and all the pictures are mine. I can't wait to order more... These little cards are stinkin cool!



Just a few pictures of this morning. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Today has been fun so far. We are going out with a few friends tonight for dinner. More pictures to come! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night!


Beautiful Mommy.

Mommy, beautiful Mommy
You're the one, the only one that I adore!

Thanks for being the best, most beautiful Mommy!


New Glasses

When my parents were here we went to a local camera shop to check out some equipment. I got to test out the lens I've been wanting!! I want to go back and "test" it again :) These are a couple of pictures my Dad took of me, and of course I took a bunch of them. As for the glasses, Beto picked them out for me at Christmas... and I finally bought them! What do you think?



It's true, I am finally finished! I don't think it has really sunk in yet... I keep thinking I forgot to do my homework, or feeling like there is more to do... but these pictures prove it... I'M DONE! On Friday, August 3rd I graduated (with honors) from DBU with a Bachelor's in Communications. What am I going to do next, you ask? Good question. :) I am not sure. I am looking for a new job. Something creative would be nice. I am also starting Lindsey J Moreno Photography. Photography is what I love, and what I really want to do. For now, I am believing for the right thing at the right time!



The Dove's Nest

My parents are here in Dallas to celebrate my graduation!!! I will be graduating from DBU tomorrow with my bachelors in communications. I cannot believe the end is finally here! It only took six years... :) My mom and dad got in Tuesday night, and we have been having fun ever since. Beto and I were super excited to show them our new house! Today we went out for lunch to one of my favorite places -- the Dove's Nest! These are a just a few of the many pictures we took during lunch and shopping. More pictures to come!