Chino & Susy. . . The Wedding

Susy and Chino have known each other for years... never dreaming they would one day marry.  Their older siblings were on the same water polo team in high school, and no one could have guessed that these two families would be intertwined forever.  Less than three years ago Susy and Chino's lives crossed paths once again, this time never to part. Chino swept Susy off her feet and quickly sealed the deal with a surprise proposal. With over a year to plan Susy was ready for her big day. She planned every detail - down to the unique ceremony music and custom bridesmaid dresses - it was all so Susy. The day was classy yet fun and relaxed. What a beautiful outdoor wedding!!!

Congrats to the Bride and Groom, we love you both and wish you many years of love and happiness... and lots of kiddos! Chino, welcome to the fam - it's been fun getting to know you! Your love for Susy is so evident. We are so happy for you, Sus, he's a keeper!!!

Susy has more shoes than anyone I know... these were fabulous!

Pearls - something new, a gift from Chino!


Mr. & Mrs. Castillo!




You're so RAD!

I am a big fan of the Boutwell's Totally Rad Actions and was super stoked to find out they were releasing an entirely new set!!! These actions are genius! Doug Boutwell is brilliant. If you haven't checked them out, head on over and pick up TRA2 - the Revenge!

Here is a shot of Joel & Leslie I did using BAMF (B&W) + Grandma's Tap Shoes + Claire-ify + a little Dirty Lovin. There is plenty more where this came from!!!


Joel+Leslie Engaged!

Three years ago Beto had just graduated with his bachelor's degree in business and started working at Guidestone. We were in the middle of planning our own wedding and were so excited that he found such a good job. Starting a new job meant three months of training, yikes! In Beto's training group was none other than Joel McDowell. Joel is an easy-going, hockey-loving, make-you-crack-up-laughing kind of guy. I got to know Joel through all the training-days stories Beto would tell as well as hanging out a couple of times. Recently, when I heard that Joel had found the love of his life I was excited to meet her! These two are a perfect pair! In just one evening I could see how in love they were. Leslie is beautiful and Joel adores her!

Joel & Leslie - thanks for a fun evening in Ft. Worth. Another hot night, thank goodness we finally found the water gardens! Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you many years of joy and happiness!!!


McCauley+Brittni Engaged!

These photos make me smile! Brittni and McCauley are so in love and you can see it all over these pictures. They are ready for their August wedding and to finally live in the same city. These two have been doing the long distance thing... living on their cell phones... but in a few short weeks will be man and wife! 

McCauley & Britt, thanks for a fun morning in Uptown and for braving the hot temps. I am so glad to have finally met you, and I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!!!


Brittni's Mom, Felicia thought of bringing this bouquet of roses - so perfect!

Love this one - so sweet!


Everyone Meet Lucy!

Our new baby kitten! She is about 5 weeks old and we got her yesterday - isn't she cute!

She loves my flipflops - well loves to chew on them!

Itty bitty baby.

She climbed right up on my shoulder and fell asleep.


Afternoon Tea, a Sweet Treat!!!

Let me just start out by saying I have the coolest clients ever! Last week Mary treated me to Afternoon Tea at the Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas. She was able to get a reservation for Saturday, but she was going to be out of town... so she sent me with her sister Bethany. We had such a good time! We got to choose three teas from a list of 15. I wanted to try them all! We ended up choosing Himalayan Peak Darjeeling, Orange Jasmine, and Rainforest Mate. I loved them all - Bethany, not so much. We started with the Darjeeling which was paired with traditional English tea-time sandwiches. Next came the Orange tea served with a scone, whipped butter, and jam. Finally, we drank the Rainforest Mate accompanied by dessert. Bethany and I stayed and chatted for three hours. It was such a fun, girly afternoon. Thanks Mary!!! We will have to go again when you are free. I loved afternoon tea!!!