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Wedding Albums

Last week I was so excited to find out my first album from Forbeyon was printed and ready to be picked up! Since Forbeyon is right here in Dallas, I drove over immediately... because, how could I possibly wait another moment longer?? I was giddy like a school girl to see all my hard work bound in beautiful black leather. The smell of a new album... mmmm!

Growing up in a photographer's home, the day an album was finished was a day filled with pride. All the joy of a wedding wrapped up and bound in a leather book to be cherished for years to come! Back in the days of film, my dad would shoot the wedding and my mom would layout the album. When it was all put together, I loved to sit and study every page... I'd dream of my wedding and how I wanted it to be. The joy and love displayed on every page was something I could not wait to find.

When I sat and paged through Joel & Leslie's album I was not only reminded of the joy and love that encompassed their day, but the emotions of my own wedding. There is just something about wedding photos that makes a girl swoon... a stunning bride, a handsome groom, and the scent of a beautiful leather album.

Here are a few pictures from Joel & Leslie's black leather, 10x10 wedding album...

You'll find this little stamp of approval on the inside cover of every album that leaves my studio. :)


Just for Johnny...

no explanation needed.

another his view/her view for your enjoyment....


have a great weekend!!


Johnny + Lauren Engaged!

I love the kind of session when you walk away as friends, and this was definitely one of those sessions! Johnny & Lauren rocked our socks off! Not only were they willing to do just about anything, but they were a blast to hang out with while shooting! These two are totally in love, and they made it easy to capture their romance!!

Johnny & Lauren, thanks for an amazing afternoon! We are totally stoked for your May wedding!! 

gosh, I love sun flare!!

We haven't done a 'his view, her view' in a while... 
my view

beto's view!!

so cute!!

wow, love this one!


another amazing beto shot, I love him!!

loads of laughs with these two :)

this one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

a little kiss action through the stairs.

just in time... as soon as they got off the train it started moving!!

FAVORITE, wow, love this shot! Can anyone say canvas??

Another fav... so much fun!

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Marcus + Bekah, just one more!

So I was going through Marcus & Bekah's session again this afternoon, making some final tweeks before posting their gallery... and I came across this image! OMG - if their session wasn't already hot enough...

Happy Friday!!


Marcus + Bekah Engaged

It all started with a bike ride over the dam at joe pool lake, romance that is. Marcus asked Bekah to take a ride with him and she's never left his side since. These two are over the top in love and it's contagious!! This past November Marcus asked Bekah to take a bike ride again... but this time outlined in chalk were the surprise words "will you marry me?" How could she say no? 

We had a blast hanging out with Marcus and Bekah last week in Ft. Worth, and we can't wait until their July wedding!

gosh Bekah, you're stunning!

I told you... it was contagious! kisses and giggles all afternoon!

this series makes me smile!!

he's SO in to her... I love it!

OMG, we were not short of laughs!


a fav for sure!


it took a little work, but we got a serious face that's to die for!

mmmm... sushi!


FAVORITE #2... way to climb in that alley and work it out!!

Thanks for a rad afternoon!


Mexico Part II: The Resort

Here are some more pics of us on vacation... can we start planning another trip already??

on the plane, can't wait!!


Dad & Mom after breakfast... 

in front of the theater on our way to the beach!

palm trees, I swoon!

I love this guy!

me... mom snagged this shot!

after a little beach soccer.... more soccer pics on fb.


mom & dad celebrating 30 years!!

love this one!


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