Another class... another project...
Today Beto and I took Whitney (his cousin) to the park to take some portraits for my photography class. Unfortunately, we got caught in the middle of a dust storm. The entire sky turned brown as the wind kicked up over 40mph. We were fine other than the dust in our eyes. I think the pictures turned out cute... even with her hair blowing all over!
PS: The last picture is supposed to be blurry. I captured this image by zooming the lense while releasing a slow shutter speed.


At School and Bored

Tuesdays and Thursdays are school days.
I am in the library between classes.
It is 70 and sunny outside, and I am in here freezing.
Is it summer yet?
I can't wait to graduate...
Countdown to August 3!


New Logo

I am taking some interesting classes this semester at DBU. This logo is for my web design class. By the end of the semester I will have built my own website! For now... here is the logo. What do you think?