new camera pic. Just for fun. Happy Friday!


Got it!!!

My dream camera! Beto bought it for me a couple of weeks ago as an early graduation/ birthday/ probably every other occasion present... and I love it! I have been using it like crazy and enjoying every second! Thanks a million -- you're the best husband ever! (and not just because of the gift... because you are my best friend and I love every second with you!!!)



These are the last photos I have to post from this session. What cute brothers! The way Fletcher talks to Tate is adorable. He tells him everything that's going on, as if it were a 2-sided conversation. They are already such buddies... it's priceless! Donna, thanks for the opportunity to photograph your boys... it was such fun!


Baby Brother Tate

What a cute little chunky monkey!!! Don't you just want to squeeze him? He wasn't too enthused about having his pictures taken, but I still got a few cute ones :) Little kids are so fun!


Everybody Meet Fletcher!

This was a really fun session! Fletcher and I went climbing in the wooden castle at the park. At first he would start to climb and then turn around and say "cheese" in his super cute 3 year old voice! Fletcher must have said cheese every 30 seconds. His parents are friends of ours. Tomorrow you will get to meet their second son. For now... enjoy!


It's July and I love...

* Seeing my family.
* Laughing together.
* The beach.
* Superman ice cream in a waffle cone.
* Sand between my toes.
* The new Lifehouse CD.

Thanks for a super-fun week! I love you!!! <3



We're in Michigan!

We found out at 3:30 Monday afternoon that we were able to get a couple extra days off work... so we decided to make a surprise visit to my family in MI. We hit the road at 12:30am and drove 17 hours. We have been having a blast. My family was shocked! Happy 4th of July :)


Weekend Project

I have been wanting a way to display some of our photos... and I am super happy with this 36x36 inch photo/memory board!!! Ceci and I went shopping on Saturday hoping to find some fabric for living room curtains...we just couldn't pass up this one! (Don't worry, Mom, we got pretty silk for the living room.) Today we made this board together. Thanks to Aaron and Beto for their assistance! I love, love, love it... and it's a one of a kind :)