Texture: Before & After

I love spring!!! There is no better time of year in Dallas. Everything is green, the temperature is a perfect 70, people are outside, and the sun is shining... it's drive with the windows down weather - it just doesn't get any better! I am going to soak up all this sun and mild temps. before the 100 degree Texas summer hits.

Last weekend was no exception - a group of local photographers got together down in Deep Ellum to shoot and network. What fun! Due to some last minute schedule changes only three of us were able to make it. Paul (needs a blog!), Jenae, and I went to CFNI together and it was great to reconnect and catch up. We also had the privilege of meeting and photographing Sean and Laura. What a fun couple! Here is a sneakpeek of our shoot last week - a little before and after texture action!!! The first shot was processed in photoshop and the second has some Lindsey lovin'!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice way you warmed the photo up! It's great!

Good work "Lindsey Love"...sorry, just couldn't resist that inside joke from your childhood :)

Love YOU!

By the way, thanks for the reminder that it's beautiful in Texas and it stinks here in Michigan. I can't wait for summer when you come home take some Michigan photos for this blog. I'm thinking there will be a gorgeous bride to post 100's of pictures of.

Rachel Brooke said...

I love that texture! I am just now starting to play with them myself.

racheljenae said...

nice!!! i want to see more! :)