Jacob & Christal Engaged * part one

Jacob & Christal have been together as long as I have known them, six years! We all met in 2002 while attending CFNI. Jacob and Christal are worship leaders and were on praise band with Beto at school. The three of them even went on a mission trip to Brazil the summer Beto and I graduated. I love the story when Jacob first told Christal he was interested in her... he was so nervous, got it all out, and then burried his face in his hands. Christal took it all in, but didn't respond. Jacob took it as though she was uninterested. In a later conversation she told him it was just that she didn't normally tell boys if she liked them... Somehow it all seemed to work out and six years later I don't think she had a problem saying YES as soon as Jacob popped the big question!!

Jacob & Christal - we are thrilled that you are finally engaged and can't wait for your January wedding. It is going to be at the Dallas Arboretum and will be fabulous!


Summer Memory

Just a quick post to say hi! This is a photo my dad took of us on the boardwalk in Grand Haven. :)


A New Look!!

No, it's not a haircut... although this feels just about as good as a fabulous new do!! I am so excited to announce the new logo and branding for Lindsey Joy Photography! I am totally stoked to finally having an official logo! Coming from a design background, I had a million ideas swimming in my head about what I wanted, or thought I wanted. It took the help of designer Sarah Pead of Revel Design to turn my thoughts into reality! At my sister Alicia's wedding this August Sarah and I connected, and I knew she would be perfect for this project. Her style was just what I was looking for. After a few weeks, countless emails, and a few phone calls I am so happy to share with you my new brand!

The new logo has been added to a new splash page on my website, as well as the header here on the blog. A consistent look & feel is something I have waited a long time for. Needless to say, I am over-the-top trilled! Next step, business cards!

I would love to hear some feedback, so please leave me some love in the comments section!!