TR Favorites

Here are my favorites where you can actually see them. :)
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Transistor Radio

This weekend we had a blast hanging out with Transistor Radio! Beto and I drove down to Waco on Friday night to surprise Sam (Beto's cousin) and the band. After the show we drove around looking for grease for their bus... it was converted to run on vegetable oil as well as diesel... they go around to chinese and sushi restaurants in hopes of finding clean, used grease. Crazy! Saturday morning we made a huge breakfast for everyone and hung out until their show that night. These photos are from Saturday's show from Live at Mokah in Deep Ellum. Sunday morning they played an acoustic set at our church, and today they did a live interview on PowerFM, a local Christian rock station. We are so glad they came and crashed at our place!


our cute nephew!

Vaughn is getting so big! He will be 5 months next weekend. We are loving this kid like crazy!!! Vaughn is so much fun, he is rolling over, smiling, and talking (baby talk) all the time. Being Aunt and Uncle is a fun job. :)


Sunny California

I think I will be posting from this trip for a while. I love the way our photos turned out... I would love to live in Cali, even if it were only for the great scenery. Wow, what a fun state for photographers!


just us.

Wow, I love this man!

More pics from California. Most of these Beto took... we just like the scenery. Lovin' the ocean!!! All the beach photos were taken at Santa Monica... so fun, too bad we didn't have bathing suits that day... 3 trips to CA and still haven't been swimming in the Pacific. We'll just have to plan another vacation out there :)

Sorry it took so long for an update... I have been trying to focus on finding a job. No direction yet. Not really sure what/where to look. I have my resume on Monster and I have been applying to random places downtown. I am looking for office work, nothing too exciting. Just something to pay the bills until this photography thing takes off. For those of you that read this blog... please pray that the Lord would give me some direction. It is hard to throw yourself into something you are not passionate about. I just want to know what He has for me in this season of life. Thanks, and happy weekend!