An Icy Evening in January

These pictures are a sample of my final photography project. The assignment is to take a series of eight photos. (No other instructions.) I thought it might be fun to shoot an iced-over park during the Texas "arctic blast."


Photography Projects

Just a few more pictures from my class in darkroom photography.


Darkroom Photography

This week I had a darkroom photography class at DBU. These are a few of the photos I developed (scanned of course). It was a blast! I would love to have a darkroom at home someday. It gives me creative ability with printing as well as a distinctive look to my photos... old school and so fun!



Two years ago today Beto's mom, Cebby, went to be with the Lord.
I am so thankful for the two years I had getting to know her.
Memories of her smile, laughter, and wisdom I will not forget.
She was a wonderful mother and friend.
We love you.
We miss you.

Worth It All
by: Rita Springer
I don't understand your ways
Oh but I will give you my song
give you all of my praise
you hold on to all my pain
with it you are pulling me closer
and pulling me into your ways

Now around every corner
up every mountain
I'm not looking for crowns
or water from fountains
I'm desperate in seeking, frantic believing
that the sight of your face
is all that I'm needing
I will say to you

Its gonna be worth it,
Its gonna be worth it all,
I believe this.
Its gonna be worth it,
Its gonna be worth it all,
I believe this.