My First Vlog!!

Hello faithful blog readers!! For Beto's birthday I got him The Flip HD... so of course we had to test it out while planning his party! No frills on this one, but I promise... they will get better! Enjoy!

Home Made Pizzas with LindseyJoy from Lindsey Joy on Vimeo.

*edit: Pizza Crust Recipe
1 packet yeast
1 cup hot water (115 degrees)
2 Tbl. olive oil
3 Tbl. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 egg
3 cups four

*I use a kitchen aid mixer, but can be done by hand.
Pour water into heated bowl and add yeast packet. Allow yeast to activate.
Stir in oil, egg, sugar, and salt.
Slowly add flour to mixer using bread attachment.
Knead in mixer or 5 minutes by hand.
Separate dough in to 4 pieces and roll out.
Allow 10 minutes to rise (I rarely do this, it is thin crust pizza anyway).
Bake for 8 minutes at 400 degrees (for crispier crust allow crust to slightly brown).
Remove from oven and top as desired.
Bake an additional 10 minutes at 450 degrees.


I just gotta know... who are you?

There have been a lot of people stopping by lately, which is totally cool!! With me being the curious type, I've just got to know who you blog stalkers are! So, whether you're here for the first time or have been following for a long time now, please check the box that applies to you and hit vote. Oh, and comments are my FAVORITE! I would love it if you left a personal note so I really know who you are!

Thanks for checking in!!


When I laugh...

I wrinkle my nose!

A couple weeks ago I picked up a new 24mm 2.8 lens from B&H.
These are a couple of Beto's test shots!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

What a fabulous day filled with all things us girls love... flowers, chocolate, love notes, romantic movies, date nights, and maybe even a little champagne! Gosh, who doesn't love seeing hearts and the colors pink and red?? Something about it makes our hearts swoon! I love LOVE, the idea of love, and being in love. There's nothing quite like it!

Today was a chill day at home for Beto and I. He let me sleep in, we homemade chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and enjoyed each other's company sans the bling this year. Well... not completely without the bling :) We are celebrating our love in Riviera Maya in March!! I hope you enjoy your Valentine today whether in high style or sweatpants!

And since no blog post is complete without a photo... here we are in MI at Robinette's over christmas.


Jacob + Christal Married!

Two of our very best friends tied the knot on January 24th and we couldn't be happier for them!! You might remember Jacob & Christal from their engagement sessions part one and Part two. We were thrilled to share their day and document all the special moments! 

<span class=
The dress! I love how it was so bubbly just like Christal!

<span class=
Girl's gotta have shoes!! 
Not sure which shot I like better... top shot by Beto, bottom by me.

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Surprise flowers from Mom.

<span class=
A little help getting ready

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You can't help but giggle when you're with this girl!

<span class=
Beautiful Bride

<span class=
Christal you're stunning!

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Dallas Arboretum and 35 degrees... work it out!

<span class=
The King of dress-up himself... notice that lavender tie!

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A happy mistake... the flash power didn't 
recycle fast enough so we got some movement!

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So happy!

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Everyone was freezing after an outdoor wedding in the middle of winter... 
we opted for some relaxed, indoor portraits.

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The guys

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I love these two dancing shots, so romantic!

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This garter series is too cute... and soooo Christal!!!
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Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. we love you so much! Have a blast in Fiji!!!