Our New House!

Beto and I bought our first house on April 12, 2007!!! We have really been enjoying it. There is nothing like owning your own home, and it really feels like your own when you have to do all the work :) It has been raining a lot here in Dallas, but tonight the sun came out long enough for Beto and I to work in the yard and take these pictures. So for everyone who has been wondering what our little house looks like... enjoy!

PS: I still need to get lots of flowers!


I'm Not Irish... I Promise.

I have to admit... I really do look Irish in these pics, however, I am as Dutch as they come! I was bored the other day and decided to attempt to take pictures of myself. I must say, it is much more difficut than taking pictures of other people.
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Steph & Tine

Just a couple more pictures from the other night. It was super windy, but I am happy with the results. Pretty girls = pretty pictures!


Sisters, Sisters

These are two of my favorite friends who happen to be sisters, Steph and Tine! We met six years ago and have so many fun, crazy, and sentimental memories... butter coffee, S&L Ministries, The Legend of 205, more cookies than you can possibly imagine, airport drama, laughing til we cry, AAC nachos anyone?, and the list goes on. They are both moving away this year, my life won't be the same. I love you both from the bottom of my heart!


Rock Climbing

First time rock climbing. This mini term felt more like camp than school. Pretty sweet!


KNES 1112 -- Hiking

This week I took my required Kinesiology activity class, hiking. It was a lot of work in this Texas heat, but it was also super fun. These are a few pictures from along the trail.


Baby Announcement

I made this for Aaron and Ceci to announce their new little bundle of joy!


Graduation Announcement

My little sister is graduating from high school at the end of this month. I made this photo announcement to send out along with her regular announcment. Isn't she pretty?