A Dutch Treat!

We have been just about everywhere in good old west Micigan... well, everywhere I was hoping to visit. I would still love to go to the beach, but it is too cold. I wish it would snow. I took these pictures in a little Dutch store/tulip farm in Holland, MI. It is really cute, and they actually make wooden shoes there as well. We enjoyed some "Dutch treats" that came all the way from Holland. So much fun! Well, just wanted to give you a taste of my Dutch heritage. Enjoy!


Christmas in July?

Is it really mid-December and almost Christmas? I have my tree up and it looks pretty at night, but during the day I can't even imagine it being Christmas time. The forecast is 70 degrees this week in the big D. December and seventies... it doesn't even make sense. I can't wait to be home for the holidays. Beto and I are making the 17 hour drive home in less than two weeks. We are really excited to take a vacation -- and we are praying for snow. Beto loves the cold, and I can't help but love the snow. I have way too many wonderful memories of my winter wonderland to settle for another Texas Christmas. Michigan here we come!