two months later....

Haha - OMG I have been so bad with this blog.
Mid-March resolution = blog more!
I have three photo posts that I will have up in the next day or two so make sure you come back and check them out!

So... what have I been up to in 2008?
Work, work, and more work. I think I am still adjusting to this whole 40 hour work week + daily traffic stuff. I am so tired by the time I get home. Oh, speaking of home - Beto and I are finally decorating our house. It is starting to look so cute. I love it! We finally have photos, mirrors, and an uber cute clock on our walls! (note to self - blog cute house pics.) We are also super stoked about our trip to LA and SF in May!!! We are flying out for Sam and Veronica's wedding - my very first wedding (to photograph) and I can't wait! The weekend before their wedding we are headed up to San Francisco to visit some good friends and do a photo shoot there as well!

New name opinion poll: I am leaning toward changing the name of my business to Lindsey Joy. The name Lindsey J Moreno Photography was used initially for a class I took at DBU, but I really want something less traditional and a lot more relaxed and fresh. Any thoughts, suggestions, or marketing tips??? Leave a comment - I'm all ears!

Thanks for checking in and I promise there will be some photos as soon I get home to upload them!!!



Anonymous said...

Ummmm, glad you posted, but miss the photos. You had better put some up soon.

As for your name...I never like the name your dad chose for our business...too generic. Hopefully you will find something really creative (like my friend's name Candid Reflections.

Lisa H said...

I think Lindsey Joy is a cute name! I'd call you and have you take pictures of my family! :)

I'm glad you're posting again....I love to see your pictures.

lyndsay said...

Yay! Your new stuff is sooo good! I love the name Lindsay Joy. It has a fun ring to it. You can get really creative with your marketing too. So many people are using "First Name-Last Name" Photography, so the new name would definitely set you apart.:)