Check Out Our Piano!!!!!!!!!

Today is Beto's day off and on his list of To Do's was to bring home a piano.

As you can see Mission: ABORTED!

Beto is the kind of musician I envy -- with little or no training he can pick up an instrument and feel his way through the keys/strings to play or write a beautiful song. When I first met him he was taking a semester of piano lessons. Just a few classes to learn the basic cords and he was on his way. Having a piano in our home has ever since been a dream of his. Every time we go home to Michigan he sits and plays my mom's (horribly out of tune) piano wishing he had one of his own. When I was in elementary school I took about four years of piano lessons and have also loved this instrument. I think it would have been so fun for us to learn and play together.... but I guess that won't be happening quite yet!!!

At least we got a good laugh out of this one - hopefully we will get a piano all the way home one day!!!

PHOTO: Sent from Beto's iPhone.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I hope this was some really old piano from COK or something. A crashed piano would not give me a good laugh, even if it's my out of tune piano!

I wish I could give Beto my piano because I never touch it. As you know I used to love to sit and play and sing along. Yes, I am sorry for the torture you all endured. Now the piano just sits until Beto comes home...too bad!

Ryel j Photography said...

Its good to see that laughter is intertwined with the love you two have for each other. Hit up Craig's list!

Love your blog... keep it coming!

Lisa H said...

Oh, that is so sad!

Hope you find another one soon!