Jeremy: Next Top Model

I know, I know soooo cheesy, but this shoot totally felt like America's Next Top Model *Men*!!! Jeremy = PRO! My job made easy. Working with a MODEL - Are You Kidding Me??? OMG!

Jeremy recently moved from 'Big D' to the 'Big Apple' to pursue his modeling career. On a weekend trip back home we squeezed in a shoot in Victory Park. It was so difficult to narrow down the shots to include - he looks amazing in ALL of them! Better watch out - this boy is gonna be famous!!!

Best of luck to you, Jeremy. Give me a shout out when you make it big!!!



Brandon said...

Neat! Love this shoot. The last two are my favourites.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? He is gorgeous! I can hardly stand the photo without the shirt...it's fantastic! Did I tell you that he is gorgeous?

G*R*E*A*T J*O*B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Koehler said...

Totally Next Top Model material for sure :)
Awesome pics! These rock!

Momma Roar said...


I have to also say that the picture in the post below - of the cute couple looking out the windows - IS SO AWESOME!

Kerrie said...

For. Cryin'. Out. LOUD!!

He's BEAUTIFUL. Yum. :)

Felicia Cash said...

I love the one with the yellow shoes, white seats and red couch! Amazing!!!!