Chris+Mandi are Getting Married!!!

What a fun Saturday with these two lovebirds!!! A couple of weekends ago Beto and I drove to Plano to meet up with Chris and Mandi for their engagement shoot. The day before north Texas experienced a short lived winter wonderland - up to six inches of snow in some places. The best part was... it was gone by noon! "Winter Blast" one night and 70 by noon the next day... well, I'm not sure it was that warm... but still... CRAZY!!! Anyway - in Plano it must have stayed just cold enough because snow was still lining the streets in places. We were chilly to say the least. Mandi was a trooper out there in her RED DRESS! By the end of the shoot my fingers were numb and we were all ready to head inside. We managed to get some great shots inside the Angelica theater.

Chris & Mandi - thanks for braving the chilly weather, we had a blast!!! Congrats on your engagement and we wish you many years of happiness!


Anonymous said...

Lindsey- you did such a great job! Everyone keeps commenting on how great you made the pictures look!! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Danger High Voltage is right! These are amazing! What a cute couple.

Love the setting.

You are gifted my child! I'm so proud of you....always.

Kerrie said...

Super duper love these. The last two are my faves.

Felicia Cash said...

Love the stairs, HIGH VOLTAGE and the windows!!!! Awesome pics...can't wait to see what you come up with for Brittni and McCauley!