Mexico Part II: The Resort

Here are some more pics of us on vacation... can we start planning another trip already??

on the plane, can't wait!!


Dad & Mom after breakfast... 

in front of the theater on our way to the beach!

palm trees, I swoon!

I love this guy!

me... mom snagged this shot!

after a little beach soccer.... more soccer pics on fb.


mom & dad celebrating 30 years!!

love this one!


Check out facebook for more vacation shots!!


Anonymous said...

Sitting here with a huge smile on my face. They are ALL G*R*E*A*T!

I was so hoping you got some good ones of dad and me...wow, love them all!!!!!

I love the sand/soccer one of Beto. That was great!

*Sigh* I so want to go back!

Felicia said...

Linds....LOVE these! What a good looking family!!!!! Ginger, you all did GOOD!

Cheri said...

You are so talented! I love the palm tree on the beach and the shadow shot of your mom and dad.

Just Mom said...


Rochelle Dozeman said...

Lindsey, These are amazing what a gift you have. When God closes a door he opens a window, and now you can do something your passionate about. Blessings to you and your new business :)

Rochelle Dozeman