Marcus + Bekah Engaged

It all started with a bike ride over the dam at joe pool lake, romance that is. Marcus asked Bekah to take a ride with him and she's never left his side since. These two are over the top in love and it's contagious!! This past November Marcus asked Bekah to take a bike ride again... but this time outlined in chalk were the surprise words "will you marry me?" How could she say no? 

We had a blast hanging out with Marcus and Bekah last week in Ft. Worth, and we can't wait until their July wedding!

gosh Bekah, you're stunning!

I told you... it was contagious! kisses and giggles all afternoon!

this series makes me smile!!

he's SO in to her... I love it!

OMG, we were not short of laughs!


a fav for sure!


it took a little work, but we got a serious face that's to die for!

mmmm... sushi!


FAVORITE #2... way to climb in that alley and work it out!!

Thanks for a rad afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Lindsey you are AMAZING!
I never expected to have SO much fun taking pictures! You and Beto are incredible.
I cannot express how glad I am that you are our photographer!!
I will forever recommend you to every bride I meet! :)


pink coffee photoart said...

what a HOT couple. my favorites are the arm wrestling pics. you are so creative and fun!!!

Anonymous said...

It shows on the shots how much fun you guys had with this couple. They are adorable together.

Great job on getting some totally awesome shots.

She's going to be one beautiful bride.

Christina said...

these are some great pix! totally love the jazz lounge one! can't wait to see her bridals and wedding.

Kerrie said...

What an adorable couple. They were abviously having a blast. Great pictures. I hope we get to see the wedding photo's, too. FUN!!