The Dess Family

Sunday afternoon Beto and I met up with Grant, Chelle, and their, cute-as-a-button, daughter, Emory. It was super hot outside, but Emory was as sweet and smiley as can be... especially with a little extra help from the prop guy, Beto! Emory was so cute with her glow worm. Beto would bring it up close to her, pull it away, and Emory would give the biggest smiles. She is so cute!!! Thanks Grant and Chelle for a fun afternoon at the park! 

I love these shots of Daddy & daughter!

So sweet!

What a good lookin' family.

Love Emmy's smile - thanks glow worm!

Chelle - are you kidding me... love this one!

Proud parents - there is so much joy in this family!

Look at those eyes!!!


Ceci said...

These are beautiful... I absolutely love the one of baby and mommy. Great shots!

Dess Family said...

Thank you SO much!! The pictures are wonderful and we are very happy. You are amazing.

Grant, Chelle and Emmy

Kerrie said...

The baby has her daddy's hair. :)


Alicia said...

Wow beautiful! The baby is beautiful, just like her mommy! Love it!

lyndsay said...

These are beautiful. What a cute family. I love that the baby doesn't have hair yet!!