Dennis+Ivy Engaged!

Wow - lots going on around here! Where to begin... about two weeks ago my computer crashed.... ahhhh, I know!!! It was working just fine the night before... and the next morning - gone, everything gone! My only relief is the fact I had backed up one week prior... however, I still lost two sessions (trust me, I've learned my lesson), saved emails, downloaded fonts, certain programs... you never realize how much you rely on a machine until it is gone. So off to the Apple Store we went. We upgraded our Macs to Leopard and bought a time capsule so hopefully (cross your fingers) nothing will be lost again! My laptop is back up and running - new hard drive + upgraded memory... it's like brand new!

The only good thing about losing a session is getting to hang out with Dennis and Ivy again. These two are great!!! Dennis and Ivy are from Houston, but are currently attending school in Denton at UNT. They drove down to Dallas for both of our sessions. You can really feel the love between them in these photos. There were so many good ones it was hard to decide what to blog.

Dennis & Ivy - thanks for driving to Dallas twice. Beto and I really enjoyed getting to know you - we had a blast! We hope you enjoy this sneakpeek!

Love these - Dennis was posing the whole time... haha!



Anonymous said...

Lindsey, love them both, the photos as well as this cute couple! You really captured some great shots.

Great job once again!

Glad that everything worked out even with the glitch..ahhh! Live and learn.

So proud of you as always!

Ceci said...

These are great Linds.. as always!! Love the new stamp.

Lynn said...

Hey Lindsey! I popped over here from your mom's blog. You do some really nice work. I love your flair for color and light. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

david & kimi baxter said...

these are beautiful! the eyes on this couple are amazing!