Sam & Vero e-session

Where do I begin? Sam - we love you! Sam and Beto are cousins - he was the best man in our wedding... and he is just about the coolest cousin ever! Sam lives in LA and met a beautiful girl named Veronica. Sam and Vero fell in love, and we flew to LA to celebrate their wedding! What a fun week! It started off with weather in the low 60s and ended up over 100 on their wedding day. These photos were taken mid-week during Vero's lunch hour. Thanks for skipping lunch to hang out, Vero! We loved being able to spend lots of time with you this past week. Your love for one another is very evident. Thanks for letting us be a part of this exciting time in your lives!!!


Anonymous said...

Guess there is just no turning that kid into a dutchman is there, hehe.

I'm sure you had a blast hanging with Sam and his new love. If I could have I would have married him off to Jenna just so he could be my son.

He's such a great guy!

Kerrie said...

I really like the one you do of the couples hands with them in the background. Very nice.