Steph & Tine

Just a couple more pictures from the other night. It was super windy, but I am happy with the results. Pretty girls = pretty pictures!


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful! Wish I could hug them both!

Great job, Lindsey. Great photos to remember two awesome friends who will forever be in your heart.

Christina said...

So great! You gotta send that maternity one to my M-I-L, that would be soooo funny!

Diane said...

Hi Lindsey, I was given a link to your blog by your Mom. We got to "talkin" about photography via our blogs and she mentioned you had some great pics on your site. I have enjoyed looking at your work. The pictures of the cactus flowers struck a cord as I got to see my first ones last month on a trip to AZ. I will be posting some of those pics in the next few weeks. Also, loved the "sisters" pictures and the baby!! You have quite a talent...keep it up!! Blessings, Diane

Lindsey Moreno said...

Thanks for the encouragement Diane! I am glad you liked them.