Our New House!

Beto and I bought our first house on April 12, 2007!!! We have really been enjoying it. There is nothing like owning your own home, and it really feels like your own when you have to do all the work :) It has been raining a lot here in Dallas, but tonight the sun came out long enough for Beto and I to work in the yard and take these pictures. So for everyone who has been wondering what our little house looks like... enjoy!

PS: I still need to get lots of flowers!


beto said...

We definitely LOVE it! It's such a blessing! And i LOVE living there with my beautiful wife! (that's you linds) Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Only two more months and you can entertain your mommy and daddy! I would start counting the days, but we both know I did that once and it was a huge mistake! I'll stick to the months and weeks for now. Start looking for a good flight..I want to fly~
You better be making BIG plans girl! You are going to be finished with college, hurray! I know you like your house, but I feel the need to visit the Cheesecake factory :)

Anonymous said...

When can we come for a visit?


Nathaniel and Lib

Lindsey Moreno said...

You guys can come anytime!

Just Mom said...

Beautiful home.

Congratulations on this milestone.

Lori B said...

LOoe your new home.