Rock Climbing

First time rock climbing. This mini term felt more like camp than school. Pretty sweet!


Just Mom said...

Your mom mentioned on my blog that you had some wonderful new photos on your blog, so I had to take a look. Who's the rock climber? Holy cow! I would never be able to do that (afraid of heights).

By the way, I love the photos you took on your hike. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are so not your moms kid! You get all that adventureous spirit from your father. I'm so glad you step out and try new stuff. I regret never trying anything. Well, I did enter the world of blogging and look where that got me, AHHHH!

Oh, and remember that one time I went sky diving. That was fun :)

The above comment is from one of the most wonderful people I've met blogging. I know you've heard me talk about her. She is a fantastic photographer as well. They just don't come any nicer than her!

Just Mom said...

OK, Ginger, what do you want... ;-)
Thanks for the compliment.

Lindsey -- Your mom is pretty amazing too. I guess you always knew that, right? :-D