I'm Not Irish... I Promise.

I have to admit... I really do look Irish in these pics, however, I am as Dutch as they come! I was bored the other day and decided to attempt to take pictures of myself. I must say, it is much more difficut than taking pictures of other people.
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beto said...

yes, she's taken, and I'm the lucky mexican!

cmassa said...

Dutch, Irish... You look great... Love ya.

Anonymous said...

HA! You should have been there when we took your one year photos, oh yeah, you were, hehe! You kept walking away from the back drop. Poor dad :( I think he quit photographing kids after that day. We never did get you to smile.

You are beautiful and don't you ever forget that you are not Mexican,hehe, just married to the greatest one alive!

What is that green stuff you are on? It sure is not Michigan grass.

(Do we have to do that stupid word verification thing everytime?)

tricia said...

Hey girl, how is your summer going? Love the self portraits! I'm always taking them of myself for "practice" LOL. Keep in touch!

Karen said...

Hey... be sure to enter my next self-portrait photo contest. :-D

Lori B said...

You are so pretty!