Widmer Family

Matthew and Jessica Widmer, also friends of the Cooley's and Moshell's, met up with us at the Arboretum for a fun-filled family session. Avery was so sweet, dainty, and cute in her pink bow!! It sure was chilly and windy, but we managed to get some great shots!

Cheerios saved the day!

Love it!

Singing with Avery!

Beautiful family


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable. What fun pictures. Great keepers for this family as well!!!

racheljenae said...

ummmm yes i bought them from Christina right after i graduated from DBU and she moved to DBU. :) ha!

pinkcoffee photoart said...

Hey Lindsey!
I'm lovin' all these family sessions. Your work is gorgeous!

Ceci said...

These are great, the first and last are my favorite. Good job!!