The real deal...

yummy, golden light makes me this happy....

haha - why do we jump with our mouths wide open?!?

Who: Beto is becoming quite the photog!
What: Hanging out with the fam.
Where: Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens
When: 2 weeks ago
Why: cuz we're that cool :)


Anonymous said...

Cool you say? You must have learned that from your momma!

Wow, seeing these pics makes me hurt in my heart cuz I miss you sooooo much! We will be together soon :)

So where is the picture of Tia and Vaughn jumping for joy?

Hey Beto, maybe you can take a photo of me and Lindsey together. I have one hanging up from the year you got engaged. I'm overdue!

austingirl said...

Kudos to Beto for some great pics!

I love the first one, you look like an angel! The last one looks like y'all were on a ride at Six Flags--lol!

Glad ya'll had fun.

Anonymous said...

I love these! Y'all are so much fun... the colors look so good!

Ceci said...

ha ha ... I can't believe you posted that last picture!! I haven't yet mastered the art of jumping and looking cute like you!!

Lindsey said...

Hey there! I found you when I was searching domains... oddly enough. I'm a lindsey Joy too and recently launched my new graphic/blog design website, www.lindseyjoydesign.com, and first searched www.lindseyjoy.com (you beat me to it! ha ha) Anyways, you do beautiful work, so I thought I'd tell you so.. from one Lindsey Joy to another. Be blessed! www.tharaldsonfamily.com

Anonymous said...

You guys are TOO FUN! Love you and miss you all. Keep on having fun and taking those great pics...all three of you!