Jacob & Christal Engaged * part two

Part two for this amazing couple : Addison, Texas.

love it!


Beto and I have been working together, which I love, love, LOVE!! 
+ there are two different views to each shot...
the photo above is his view, the one below is mine.

you two are so stinkin cute!!

Work it out!!

Beto's favorite!

Christal is so giggly! Say the word laugh and she can't keep it in!

Love you guys!!


Ceci said...

I LOOOOOVE that first picture!!!
This was an awesome set of pictures, and I am sure you probably have more.
I also love the last two... the coloring in it is great and they look great and happy!!

Good job Linds... and Beto.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

These are great!

You two are turning into me and Dad. Although I never held the camera we sure made a great team. I'm happy you are doing this together.

Brittni said...

I think these all our awesome! I like that structure-- whatever it is! My favorite is the black and white one of just their legs and them holding hands.. it's awesome!

ohana photographers -david and kimi said...

wow that first image is awesome!!!