Just a few pictures of this morning. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Today has been fun so far. We are going out with a few friends tonight for dinner. More pictures to come! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night!


Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute. i love you!


~Ginger said...

Yes, I cried today. I miss you! I think I'm getting old. Today was the first birthday I didn't relive every detail of your birth.

You both look very happy and I know you are. You are very blessed!

smaria82 said...

Did you go to the fountains twice on your birthday?!? Too fun.

What's the hang out plan for this week? I need some Lindsey time. Any day but Monday and Saturday is good for me.


Lindsey Moreno said...

haha... yes I did!!! I love that place. It is the only water I get around here. Any night would work for me except Thursday. :)

nickernoodle said...

Loved the pictures!!! I also love the picture of your mom. You are blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Happy Belated Birthday!