It's true, I am finally finished! I don't think it has really sunk in yet... I keep thinking I forgot to do my homework, or feeling like there is more to do... but these pictures prove it... I'M DONE! On Friday, August 3rd I graduated (with honors) from DBU with a Bachelor's in Communications. What am I going to do next, you ask? Good question. :) I am not sure. I am looking for a new job. Something creative would be nice. I am also starting Lindsey J Moreno Photography. Photography is what I love, and what I really want to do. For now, I am believing for the right thing at the right time!


beto said...

Good job! You did it! i'm super proud of you! Te quiero mucho!!!

Karen said...

Hi Lindsey! I came over from your Mother's blog to see the pictures! I'm so impressed! I think you will do well in photography.
Congratulations to you on your graduation, as well!
I just love your mom! Such a sweetie!
I'd love to see some pictures of your new home sometime. My oldest daughter just got her housing lined up for when her husband gets back from Iraq. I'm trying to get her to post about it once she's moved in.

Teresa said...

Congratulations Lindsey! I remember what huge relief I felt when graduation day finally arrived! A lot of hard work goes into getting that college degree....be proud of yourself!
I absolutely LOVE your photography and am excited for you as you further this venture. I will also be praying for God's direction and wisdom as you begin your new life...after college.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Linds, no need to say how proud we are of you, we've said it enough. Just a reminder that we've seen the hand of God on your life over and over and we will once again. He already know what the future holds and He has a plan for you to prosper you. We will continue to pray for His favor to surround you like a shield.

Keep working on the photos. As you know there was a time, long ago, when I doubted your dad's ability to make a business work. HA, he proved me wrong over and over. You CAN do it with hard work and faith.