The Dove's Nest

My parents are here in Dallas to celebrate my graduation!!! I will be graduating from DBU tomorrow with my bachelors in communications. I cannot believe the end is finally here! It only took six years... :) My mom and dad got in Tuesday night, and we have been having fun ever since. Beto and I were super excited to show them our new house! Today we went out for lunch to one of my favorite places -- the Dove's Nest! These are a just a few of the many pictures we took during lunch and shopping. More pictures to come!


Momma Roar said...

I'm so excited everyone is having a good time - its great to see your pictures of all of you!

Leigh Ann (you're mom's crazy friend from pa)

Teresa said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of your time together with your parents!
Congratulations on your graduation. Enjoy your weekend!

Lori said...

It was fun to see all of these pictures of the time you spent together with your parents.
Congrats on your Grad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'd wondered if that place was still up and running. Congratulations on your graduation! Good luck with your photography :)