Cody+Summer Engaged

When Cody contacted me about shooting his proposal to Summer, paparazzi style, I was all about it!! He had plans to exit the Symphony at 9:30 with us following behind... which was a great idea, until we lost them!! A quick phone call and sprint to our destination, and this is what we saw...

After a few moments for Summer to absorb the shock, 
Cody let her in on his little secret... and we took a few portraits. 
No flash, just some sweet old school grain!


Congratulations Cody & Summer!!


Anonymous said...

Linds, I think this is so sweet! They will love these photos forever as it was something to be recorded and savored for a long time to come.

It's funny to think that only dad and I can recall the moment he gave me my ring. It would so fun to have photos to show you girls.

Great job and great idea by Cody!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I love the last one, too!

austingirl said...

What a thoughtful guy. I thought maybe he was proposing when I say the pics on FB and had to quickly toggle to your blog to get the whole story.

So cute! I love #9 and #14. I also like that the shots were at night with all the lights.

Another great job Lindsey.

Dawn said...

What an awesome way to propose. That must have been fun for you to be in the background to witness it too. Awesome pics as always. You have a wonderful talent.

Kari Crowe said...

What a sweet proposal!!!!

photoshop masking said...

Great shots!!