Kendra, Tony, and Seth

Last weekend I got to hang out with the Trevinos! We met up at the park, and it was the perfect night to be outside. We lucked out with some yummy golden light. It was a blast to capture this family in action!!

love me some flare!!

Just for Kendra!!

Father & son, love it!

look at that face!

a favorite

Cowboys fans!!



Kerrie said...

Oh.My.Gosh! Your favorite is my favorite. PRECIOUS!!!!

Teresa said...

You totally captured the love in that family! Kendra is so beautiful and those boys sure do have the handsome thing down! :)

Great work Lindsey!

racheljenae said...

hey girl! lovin the bright and crispness of these pictures! Great job! Hope you're doing good! yes, we for sure need to get the group back together and up and running! to be continued...

Ryel j Photography said...

This is such a sweet family!! I love the laughter that you captured!

Hanaumi Photography said...

What a sweetie pie family!! I have too many favorites to list.