The Ripleys

Last weekend Beto and I went down to Waxahachie with his cousin Heather and her husband David. We had lunch at our favorite little cafe down there - The Doves Nest! After lunch we braved the rain and 38 degree weather to get some shots for the Ripley's holiday card. We were frozen, but we had a blast!!! Thanks for a fun afternoon David and Heather!


Anonymous said...

Wow Linds, you did a fantastic job! Seriously, these are just great!! I am so proud of you. You captured their feeling of love and it's very sweet. They are all terrific.

By the way, I want to go to Waxahachi. Did you buy a candle or two?

Anonymous said...

Really awesome. Keep it up. You have grown so much in your talent and you continue to amaze me.

Love, Dad

Kerrie said...

Those are fantastic!!!

Teresa said...

How could they ever pick just one for their holiday card? The are SO PERFECT! These are some of my very favorites of yours. I so wish I lived closer....I'd be makin' an appointment!

Great work Lindsey!