Breakfast anyone?

Yum! Anything with chocolate chips has to be good!
Beto loves to go out for breakfast. There is this little greasy spoon walking distance from our house that he particularly loves. We go most Saturdays, however, this week we slept in past 10 and decided to make chocolate chip pancakes! I would much rather stay at home and eat in my pajamas... especially when chocolate is on the menu! Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yup, you are your mother's daughter. I think chocolate is our middle name. Did I tell you about the gift I got in the mail this week from Diane in Texas? AWESOME!

Are those pancakes fat free? hehe

If you quit going to K&J's on Saturday's they might go out of business.

I have to tell you that the best gift you ever gave your dad is his waffle maker. He uses it every single weekend. Don't tell him, but your were much better :)

Just Mom said...

YUMMY! I like your idea of breakfast.

Rick said...

No wonder they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


inspired said...


Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Your photos of breakfast brought such a smile to my face. Only a photographer understands the joy of taking great pics of food! (My hubby makes fun of me for capturing pictures of many of our meals during our vacation in San Fransicso last month :-)

Lori said...

oh boy yummy looks like my kind of breakfast

happy thanksgiving

Teresa said...

Sleeping past 10:00 and chocolate for breakfast.....sounds heavenly!