Time to get back to regularly scheduled blogging... summer has been crazy and this blog has suffered. I promise to get to work on fixing this thing up!

Here's what's coming...
1. Aaron & Rachel e-session
2. Stout Family Photos
3. Alfred & Alicia e-session
4. Alfred & Alicia wedding
5. Brittni's Bridals
* Beto & Linds vacation photos!

And... what's a photoblog without a photo? Here is a sneakpeek at Alicia & Alfred's wedding this past weekend in Grand Rapids, MI!


Anonymous said...

Aw, they are just so cute. Gotta love that kissing. They deserve to enjoy every minute of their precious lovin'

I took my photos, all 138 of them to work today. Everyone thought they were beautiful. I could order another 138, but I'll wait a bit until I find some money in a tree :)

Anonymous said...

so excited to see your pictures... Congratulations to your sister and new brother!