Catch up with the Massas

I am finally back to blogland after a month long break. Things were pretty crazy with starting a new job + holiday sessions + Christmas festivities and family in town... my poor little blog got neglected. So here is a holiday session I did for Beto's sister Ceci, her husband Aaron, and their 8 month old son Vaughn. We walked around Cedar Hill's historic downtown and managed to get some sweet shots even though it was gray and rainy.

This year I designed holiday greeting cards for my clients - more to come on that! For now, here is the Massa's Christmas card.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy 2008!!!


Anonymous said...

What can I say being your mom and all?

You amaze me!

Kerrie said...

Those are FANTASTIC!

Laura Haar said...

Oh My GOSH! these photos are so great!