Anniversary Flowers

The past two days I have been home sick with a cold, and I realized that this blog needed some updating. Here are a couple of pictures of my anniversary flowers. Beto and I celebrated our second anniversary on the 8th. When I woke up that morning these two-dozen red and pink roses were waiting on the kitchen counter with lots of chocolate! We also celebrated with at late lunch a cheesecake factory. These roses were soooo beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word Linds, the pictures are great!

I just adore that son of mine! He is the most thoughtful, loving, and gentle guy ever. You are so blessed (I know you already know that.)

I'm glad he made the day really special for you. One of the best nights we spent with you last time was at the CF, yummy!

Come to Chicago sometime and we can all go..Alf and Lee and Jen :o) Maybe once they live there we will have a good reason to make up for our last family trip there..bahhhh, awful.

Just Mom said...


Teresa said...

I hope you are feeling better, Lindsey.
The flowers are breathtaking! Flowers always make me so happy.
Happy Anniversary! :)