just us.

Wow, I love this man!

More pics from California. Most of these Beto took... we just like the scenery. Lovin' the ocean!!! All the beach photos were taken at Santa Monica... so fun, too bad we didn't have bathing suits that day... 3 trips to CA and still haven't been swimming in the Pacific. We'll just have to plan another vacation out there :)

Sorry it took so long for an update... I have been trying to focus on finding a job. No direction yet. Not really sure what/where to look. I have my resume on Monster and I have been applying to random places downtown. I am looking for office work, nothing too exciting. Just something to pay the bills until this photography thing takes off. For those of you that read this blog... please pray that the Lord would give me some direction. It is hard to throw yourself into something you are not passionate about. I just want to know what He has for me in this season of life. Thanks, and happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Just too bittersweet to see all these pictures of the two of you. I'm glad you enjoyed CA :) The last photo is hilarious because you two never look serious. You both are always wearing huge smiles..unless you are in need of food and sleep (Linds..like your momma.)

You know we will be praying about the job situation. Your call is ministry, and so we will be believing that the Lord will lead you to use all your organizational skills to bless a ministry where you can reach this world and keep it all in working order :) That position is out there, keep believing. You know how you impacted CJM for the season you were there. We know from past experiences in this family that it takes just one person to connect you and plug you in. God's favor surrounds you like a shield and we believe that without doubt!
Love you with my whole heart, Mom

Just Mom said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for nothing but the best for you and Beto. :-D

Teresa said...

Praying for wisdom and peace for you. God bless!

beto said...

I love all those pictures of us! I love YOU! I love US! :) Thanks for being the best wife!

Lori said...

Love the pic of you two.
They are all so good. YOu two make a very cute couple.