It's July and I love...

* Seeing my family.
* Laughing together.
* The beach.
* Superman ice cream in a waffle cone.
* Sand between my toes.
* The new Lifehouse CD.

Thanks for a super-fun week! I love you!!! <3


Anonymous said...

Cute Linds, thanks for not showing me putting my entire cone into my mouth!

I like the B&W of Beto..cool!

We had so much more stuff to do and dad had so much more to show you. Time just went too fast :(

Short Stop said...

I found your blog from your mom's blog. I LOVE your photography. You are so talented!

Alicia said...

It was so much fun! Wish I could have got in on the ice cream action though!

Home sick today, mehh.

Just Mom said...

Beautiful shots. Of course, you can never go wrong with ice cream. :-D

Teresa said...

Your pictures really make me want some ice cream....NOW! Yum! :)
So glad you and Beto got to spend some quality time with the fam!
I LOVE your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey,

My mom was wondering if next time you come to Michigan, you can take a picture of all of us.

Let us know!

Liberty E.

Lori B said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

I love the superman icecream. How fun is that.

Cute photos of everyone.