Ceci and I have been trying to get some cute pictures of Vaughn for his baby announcement... every time we try... he cries. :) Today we finally got some cool shots in the sunshine! I will post the announcement later! For now, here are the cute ones. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I love #3 the best!

Anonymous said...

Does he have Uncle Beto's feet? hehe

cmassa said...

oh my little man... he looks so cute!
Hey I need some pictures, your blog has more up to date pictures of my little man than mine does haha.

stolmit said...

You definitely got 'em. Great images of your baby.

You have to let me know how you get your photography logo on your pictures though. Please tell me.

James said...

Hey Lindsey, You have alot of talent with the camera. Wow... I am impressed the 3rd one down is perfect. Absolutly amazing. Hey if you want any help with photoshop or anything let me know. I would be happy to assist. Again nice logo. I will keep in touch. Be Blessed